Message from PALS President

June 9, 2017

Dear PALS Parents,


We have made it through one more year at Parkmead. For those 5th grade families, I congratulate you on your ascension to Walnut Creek Intermediate! I hear they have a really good vice principal... :)


For those that are coming back, I want to talk about next year. I have three topics:

  • Donations

  • Classroom Participation

  • PALS Parent nights 



I want to prepare you for the donation requests that will be asked of you this next year. Again, donations are what allow the school to pay for enrichments like music, MAGIC, dance, field trips, library hours, one school one book, and so on...


At Welcome Back Day

  • $250/family - annual donation per family for school wide needs and classrooms

  • $400/child or $800/family - WCEF fund for district wide enrichments (

  • $250/student (PALS Level 3 only) - for outdoor educational experiences (field trips)

  • Walk-a-thon - TBD by how much we take in from the annual fund

First Week Of School

  • Pencil boxes/classroom supplies

    • Room parents will speak to you about what your classroom will request

Classroom Participation


This year we saw a drop in classroom participation. Please understand that parent participation is the pillar of our program. Without your help, the PALS program does not function.


While the volunteering hours are no longer tracked, we do ask for 60 hours a school year per family, which works out to be a little over an hour a week. I would urge you to consider giving more time if you are giving less than this.


For those that have not participated in the classroom or on a field trip, I urge you to make this the year you do so. IT IS SO REWARDING TO DO SO!!


Here is an opportunity to reflect on your level of participation:

  • I know the name of every student in my child's classroom.

  • The teacher knows my name.

  • I am familiar with what happens in the classroom.

  • I know the weekly schedule of my child's class.

PALS Parents Nights


We made great strides in teaming with the PCS side of Parkmead this year. The boards meet monthly and work together to manage all donations, and it has been very supportive and productive. We will continue to do so this next year, and I would recommend all parents come to these meetings to hear the principal updates, the various committees reports, understand the state of the school, etc...


I do feel that we still should have a regular meeting of PALS parents. AND I WANT TO MAKE IT A FUN GATHERING!


This coming year, 3 times during the year, we will have what I call the PALS Parents Night. The goal of these nights are to:

  • Inform parents of upcoming events of PALS

  • Get some more interaction between parents and the board

  • Allow the parents to get to know other parents

The meeting would start in the MPR or Library at the school, go for an hour, and then move to a restaurant or bar downtown for something more casual.


The plan is for one in September, January, and April, but we will get back to you on those dates!


That is all I have for now. Please have a great summer, and I hope to see you all next year! Again, if you have any questions, please contact me at




Scott Marshall

PTO President

Father to Hunter (Level 2) and Tucker (Level 1)

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